• I had the privilege to meet A., an almost perfect 10, herein admiratively described


    A., the repeatedly consistently valedictorian student, or A., the more recent salutatorian scholar vying for first place again.

    A., the eternally young, who has learned to turn the mirror upon others from her initial self-reflective gazing, A., now become teacher, supervisor, guide to those who seek to also learn, always self-aware, at times self-conscious, never pathologically narcissistic, just containing a young person's desire to know & scrutinize herself, and to improve her professional duties, which she never forgets, seemingly always on call. 

    A. in bereavement, not allowing herself to grieve enough, having to be taught by others the rituals of funerals, and graves, allowing herself to be taught by others, never forgetting her youth.

    A., already destined to be grandparent of some qurantined. Still too young to be a grandparent, but accepting & embracing her fate, preparing herself to rewrite, or amend her destiny from the beginning, ideally flexible because of her self-awareness, and eagerness to learn from the best critically chosen experts, not because of her chronological youth.

    A. allowing herself maturely to be misunderstood by peers or students or external observers, yet ethically never ceasing to attempt to explain & clarify herself, accepting a measure of guilt, yet never self-deprecatory in an excessive manner, never obsequious, falsely modest, or humble. A., always proud, knowing she deserves to be Miss World, perhaps even aspiring towards Miss Universe...why not ? She can do it, it is a reacheable goal, she has the looks, and the tools, there are serious backers, a Miss Universe type jury can always be seduced, bribed, bought...nothing wrong with that when it comes to THOSE ethically beneficent titles.

    A., the serious only-child, who did have the guts to leave, at first rebelliously, later with self-understanding, her foster parents' home early.

    A., never tolerating for long false or inaccurate, exaggerated memories or politically re-writen histories, never undertaking unwarranted rationalizations for finding unjustified excuses.

     ......to follow...a neverending story, as long as there is a written alphabet to denote meaning



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